Android Instructions

Finfo has been optimized for mobile devices and, for easy access, can be saved to your home screen as a web app.  If you visit Finfo on your mobile device, you'll see a pop-up with instructions on how to save the web app to your home screen.  Below are those instructions with some helpful pictures added in case you're having difficulty. 

For Chrome users:

Step 1: Got to on your mobile device and select the menu button, located in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select the “Add to Home screen” option.

Step 3: Type “Finfo” in the space provided. Lastly, select "Add" and you'll see the Finfo icon on your home screen! 

For Firefox users:

Step 1 is exactly the same as above. However, after opening the menu, you'll next select "Page" and then click "Add Page Shortcut". Now you'll see the Finfo icon on your home screen!